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Week 3 Final Results

Below is the Week 3 Final Results Leaderboard for Ambassador Model.

To vote for any Model, click the vote button; to see all the Models in this weeks competition; visit the Model Competition page.

1st Place - Nicole Ilaw!

Ambassador Model Nicole Ilaw My name is Nicole Ilaw and I am currently a full time yoga instructor all throughout the Los Angeles area. As a yoga instructor, I am also an ambassador of a couple of yoga clothing lines including Bohemian Island and Koia Collective Clothing. I do part time yoga modeling as well! I currently in training to be a stunt woman and have a huge list of skills that qualify me to do crazy things on televison like, acro yoga, fire dancing, horse riding, all styles of skating, aerial/pole dancing, belly dancing, fighting, wire work, and tons more!

See more pictures and comments on my page: Nicole Ilaw's page

Model # W933943 Location: Los Angeles, CA

Votes: 2787

2nd Place - Krisanna Spinato !

Ambassador Model Krisanna Spinato I have dreamed of being a FORD model since I was a young child. I have worked many years as a tradeshow model as well as having done brand ambassador work. This has given me such amazing experience shining my true bright personality, building my modeling portfolio as well as branching into the acting scene with amazing opportunities (Feature for Ellie Goulding- On My Mind). I'd love this opportunity as I'm a genuine down to earth girl who'd lead as a wonderful role model and it would truly allow me to expand my ability to model,

See more pictures and comments on my page: Krisanna Spinato 's page

Model # X305198 Location: Las Vegas , NV

Votes: 2150

3rd Place - Heather Nicole!

Ambassador Model Heather Nicole A mom and wife. A bit older and more determined than the rest. Ready to prove I am the best!

See more pictures and comments on my page: Heather Nicole's page

Model # M653279 Location: Union, MO

Votes: 2069

4th Place - Cindy Michelle!

Ambassador Model Cindy Michelle Hey everyone I'm a southern California girl work part time in retail, my hobbies are playing video games, dancing, playing billiards, off roading, horse riding, and cooking. I love modeling and I really want to do more of it, I just need a opportunity like this to happen. So please Vote for me! Thanks Cindy I want to thank everyone who has voted and shared this contest and got me in the 3Rd place for 2 weeks in a row. You all rock and a big THANKS!! :-)

See more pictures and comments on my page: Cindy Michelle's page

Model # P188662 Location: Beaumont, CA

Votes: 1562

5th Place - Sultry Adryen!

Ambassador Model Sultry Adryen I am a great model. I can totally increase your income if am one of your models. I like modeling as my career choice.

See more pictures and comments on my page: Sultry Adryen's page

Model # D494119 Location: Los Angeles , CA

Votes: 1071

6th Place - Tidshawnda Shenea!

Ambassador Model Tidshawnda Shenea I am 36 years young I have been modeling for 3 years. I have 4 kids and I love life and modeling. I am from Louisville Ky. Please vote for me I really want this.

See more pictures and comments on my page: Tidshawnda Shenea's page

Model # K220285 Location: Louisville, KY

Votes: 799

7th Place - Minyuiet!

Ambassador Model Minyuiet Hello, let me introduce myself. I'm Minyuiet, 23 years young, born in San Antonio, TX., raised in Memphis, TN. I am an aspiring model who is destined for greatness! I give my everything into modeling and I want the world to see it with me!

See more pictures and comments on my page: Minyuiet's page

Model # J454787 Location: Memphis, TN

Votes: 664

8th Place - Ashley !

Ambassador Model Ashley Hello! I have just recently had a dramatic change in my life. I am a lil shy and hesitant but on the edge ready to jump.

See more pictures and comments on my page: Ashley 's page

Model # M198719 Location: Golden Valley , AZ

Votes: 482

9th Place - ShyAng3L!

Ambassador Model ShyAng3L Chinese American born and raised in Seattle, WA. You'll find me traveling between Seattle, Washington I'm reliable and committed in what I do. I'm an over achiever and do my best in all that I can. I've done several promotional modeling work, commercial shoot and an Episode in Rodeo Drive. I'm here hoping to gain bigger opportunities that will take me places. I love cooking and traveling , dancing, karaoke, and festivals and events.

See more pictures and comments on my page: ShyAng3L's page

Model # E213293 Location: Seattle, WA

Votes: 476

10th Place - Quieesha!

Ambassador Model Quieesha Beyond hard working, I never give up!

See more pictures and comments on my page: Quieesha's page

Model # C524599 Location: Syracuse, NY

Votes: 451

11th Place - Elisha!

Ambassador Model Elisha I am a model in the Dallas area, i am also pursuing acting and love to mix beats and sing. I enjoy nature, water and the city life. Very versatile, with alot of interest and hobbies, growing daily.

See more pictures and comments on my page: Elisha's page

Model # C171169 Location: Dallas, TX

Votes: 444

12th Place - Misslibbierose!

Ambassador Model Misslibbierose Just an average girl living in the average world! I love photography and being adventurous. I have never been satisfied with just the norm and I always try and stand out in one way or another. My favorite color is light purple and I want to be a photo journalist! I love life and I think everything happens for a reason!

See more pictures and comments on my page: Misslibbierose's page

Model # W745732 Location: Bellingham, WA

Votes: 425

13th Place - Latiesha!

Ambassador Model Latiesha My name is Latiesha Wrice trying to purse my dream of becoming a model one day.

See more pictures and comments on my page: Latiesha's page

Model # C334931 Location: Jacksonville, FL

Votes: 318

14th Place - Tianna!

Ambassador Model Tianna I'm a mother of 2 that enjoys the simple things in life.aline time enjoying my favorite ice cream or weekend with the girls letting go loose.Either way I love helping others and working on achieving some of my own lifetime goals.

See more pictures and comments on my page: Tianna's page

Model # V675258 Location: Pt.Arthur, TX

Votes: 317

15th Place - Godsdaughter !

Ambassador Model Godsdaughter Hello, every1 I would say I'm great person with a big heart ,caring I'm a single mother of 3 son's be great to see myself as the winner to know one of my dream as a model did come true . I work in the medical field love going to church. Very involved all my sons sports & School . My hobby playing tennis,singing, n modeling .

See more pictures and comments on my page: Godsdaughter 's page

Model # D464387 Location: Austin , TX

Votes: 287

16th Place - Jessica!

Ambassador Model Jessica Hello! First and foremost, I am a mommy to an AMAZING 2 year old boy! I love to spend time outdoors doing various activities! I work full time and also go to school. I am hardworking and dedicated to everything I do!

See more pictures and comments on my page: Jessica's page

Model # Y296765 Location: Las Vegas, NV

Votes: 270

17th Place - Kamilya!

Ambassador Model Kamilya Hello! I was born in Kazakhstan. I move to America on August. I worked as a model 2 years in Astana. From 8 age, I'm studying in professional ballet school. Now I studying in Northwest School of the arts. From 9 age, i playing the piano.

See more pictures and comments on my page: Kamilya's page

Model # B419914 Location: Charlotte, NC

Votes: 263

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