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Below is the Final Results Leaderboard for Ambassador Model.

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1st Place - Ashley Smith!

Ambassador Model Ashley Smith Hi my name is Ashley Smith 26 years old from Olathe ks. I have beautiful daughter thats 7 year old the best thing that's ever happen to me is her.I always wanted to be a model. Being in this competition can make my dreams come true, so if you could vote for me i would greatly appreciate it.

See more pictures and comments on my page: Ashley Smith's page

Model # D245128 Location: Olathe , KS

Votes: 48949

2nd Place - Chrysandra Brynson!

Ambassador Model Chrysandra Brynson Chrysandra Brunson, Founder of The Calling nonprofit is born and raised from the “treasure box” state of Colorado. She has been honored with the title of Colorado’s Choice for Miss Colorado, Miss America, character actress for a Disney company Wands and Wishes. She has found herself in circumstances ranging from cleaning Billy Graham’s house, to speaking in front of 40,000 people in the poorest country in the world, to being on set for one the globe’s largest morning news stations, even an inside guest at United Nations, breakfast guest of owner of the Rockies, she has even been a VIP guest to the Pope addressing Congress for the very first time. She been chosen as an Israel Collective with CUFI, featured in a Derek's Bentley music video, ....a survivor of Lyme's diseases, felons and much more. She has received scholarships from those of The Rotary Club, Best Buy, Lakewood Police Department, DAR and has even received awards including Excellence in Leadership and Servant Leader from her University and current President of Colorado Christian University's Alumni Council. She has been on ABC, FOX, TBN, DayStar, Denver Post, & even on set with Good Morning America and The View. She has worked with Grammy Award winning and Hollywood entertainment, conducted events at world renowned venues, and launched her first non-profit, The Calling, at the age of 18. Chrysandra is just an ordinary girl but believes in an EXTRAordinary God wanting to glorify Himself in our everyday details. She comes from a very loving family made up of a mom, dad, sister, step mom and step dad, Nana's, Papa's, two adopted brothers from Ukraine, aunts, uncles, cousins and tremendous friends and community.As former CCU President –Bill Armstrong & Former U.S. Senator “Chrysandara Brunson is a remarkable young lady, a great role model of faith, family and fun .. a leader.” Please welcome Chrysandra Brunson. Chrysandra founded The Calling, a nonprofit organization helping people to live out their God-given dreams when she was a senior at Bear Creek High School in 2007. The Calling does this through various networking, educational and assessment programs including workshops, conferences and speaking engagements. She has led The Calling to communicate the message at speaking engagements, retreats, and conferences at venues including Civic Center Park and the world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre. She loves challenging all cultures and backgrounds, young and old, to live out their God-given destinies. The possibilities are endless; from innovative coffee shops to theme parks, but none of it is possible without the impact from others across the world. She is currently leading The Calling to have a global gala to host The Calling's Global conference in the poorest country in the world at Spruce Mountain Ranch October 14h 2017 with global entertainment. Chrysandra’s dream is for everyone to join the movement, including YOU (knowing there is no accident you are listening to this)! May Jesus be the center of all we do forever and ever amen!

See more pictures and comments on my page: Chrysandra Brynson's page

Model # R730183 Location: Esther, CO

Votes: 48609

3rd Place - Gigi Click!

Ambassador Model Gigi Click Miss Swimsuit USA International Finalist. Miss Bikini US Finalist. I am also Director of Communications for a company called NEEDforSEATUSA. I work hard on everything I do. I try to live a healthy lifestyle and inspire others to do the same! I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way and any one of us ladies would represent this competition well. I hope to have the opportunity to become Miss Ambassador Model. Thank you :)

See more pictures and comments on my page: Gigi Click's page

Model # L316524 Location: Columbus, OH

Votes: 41224

4th Place - Jessica!

Ambassador Model Jessica Hello! First and foremost, I am a mommy to an AMAZING 2 year old boy! I love to spend time outdoors doing various activities! I work full time and also go to school. I am hardworking and dedicated to everything I do!

See more pictures and comments on my page: Jessica's page

Model # Y296765 Location: Las Vegas, NV

Votes: 8034

5th Place - Shaleec Thomas!

Ambassador Model Shaleec Thomas My whole life I've aspired to be a performing artist. I sing, act, dance, model, and write. I am a plus size talent and African-American, so I've struggled on my journey with racism, typecasting, and discrimination; but I haven't let that deter me! I'm 29 years old and just as passionate today as I was when I was a child, with the same dreams!!! I'm originally from California, I was born in French Camp, which consist of a hospital and jail, it may have been developed more since I was last there, lol. But I was raised between Stockton and Long Beach. I'm the middle child of my mothers children (2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers); and the oldest of my fathers children and his only girl (4 younger brothers). I moved to Denver when I was 14, just about a week after 9/11/01, once the freeways and highways were opened for travel again, R.I.P. to all the lives lost that day! Believe it or not I attended 4 different high schools: Lakewood High School (Lakewood, CA), Manual High School (Denver, CO; the 1st year it became 3 different high school, I was in Leadership High School), West High School (Denver, CO), and finally Life Skills Center of Denver, which I ultimately graduated from. My high school career was such a pain with my dropping out a few times, but I was blessed to have so many people who pushed and supported my through the journey! As a teen I sang in community and church choirs, and performed in an improv troupe, OOOH! (Out Of Our Heads). I attended Red Rocks Community College for a couple of years in the Musical Theatre program, before I dropped out in 2010 to pursue my career as a performing artist. If you check out my Facebook, you can see pictures of me with my Occupy Denver Family doing different actions and protest. As well as photos from the Denver Denim Day Fashion Show, which I did a couple of years ago; the models, including myself, were survivors of sexual assault. And even my transition from the "creamy crack" a.k.a. relaxer, into the natural curly girl I am today. I currently take dance lessons at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance: ballet, modern, and contemporary; and I'm training to be apart of the dance ministry at my church, Colorado Christian Fellowship. You may be asking yourself why does she want to win this competition? WELL, let me tell you...I want the exposure, I want to go to Las Vegas for the 1st time, I want the opportunity to tell my story and inspire other girls and women, especially those who are classified as ethnic and/or plus size by industry standards; I want to be an addition to the small plus size model community, and most importantly I want to realize my dream to be a model!!! So, after you vote for me, please email the link for my profile to your friends and family, and share the link on your social media pages, and encourage your family and friends to do the same!!! Thanks in advance for all the help and votes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love <3 <3 <3

See more pictures and comments on my page: Shaleec Thomas's page

Model # A778184 Location: Denver, CO

Votes: 7120

6th Place - Sultry Adryen!

Ambassador Model Sultry Adryen I am a great model. I can totally increase your income if am one of your models. I like modeling as my career choice.

See more pictures and comments on my page: Sultry Adryen's page

Model # D494119 Location: Los Angeles , CA

Votes: 6407

7th Place - TATYANA!

Ambassador Model TATYANA Hello / Prevet my name is TATYANA & I am originally from Eastern Europe (Russia) but now I reside in the Daytona Beach,FL. area.I have been modeling for almost 6 years now in the US,& for 5 years prior in such cities as Moscow & St.Petersburg since I was 16, mostly local fashion/runway style shows for new designers as well as formal & evening gown style work & various modeling shows prior to coming to the US. I also participated in various styles of theater/plays as a child. I am hopeful that I can continue doing what I LUV to do by pursuing such work here in the US with clothing/fashion designers of all types & styles. I am all "Natural" & I have no piercings or tattoo's that can hinder the photo's of your project / work. I am 5' 8" in. or 173 cm's & my measurement's are 34B-24-35 (US) & 86-61-89 (EU) I am available for just about any type of "Modeling Projects" you may have, winning this contest can only enhance my chances of chasing my dream! :-)

See more pictures and comments on my page: TATYANA's page

Model # F619360 Location: Daytona Beach, FL

Votes: 2483

8th Place - Phoenix Rose!

Ambassador Model Phoenix Rose I am a woman following her heart. I am passionate, kind, determined and dreamer by nature. I wish love and happiness to everyone reading this because all I want out of life is peace across the world. Thanks for looking. -XOXO PR

See more pictures and comments on my page: Phoenix Rose's page

Model # M289422 Location: Minneapolis, MN

Votes: 1497

9th Place - Tidshawnda Shenea!

Ambassador Model Tidshawnda Shenea I am 36 years young I have been modeling for 3 years. I have 4 kids and I love life and modeling. I am from Louisville Ky. Please vote for me I really want this.

See more pictures and comments on my page: Tidshawnda Shenea's page

Model # K220285 Location: Louisville, KY

Votes: 1044

10th Place - Nicole Ilaw!

Ambassador Model Nicole Ilaw My name is Nicole Ilaw and I am currently a full time yoga instructor all throughout the Los Angeles area. As a yoga instructor, I am also an ambassador of a couple of yoga clothing lines including Bohemian Island and Koia Collective Clothing. I do part time yoga modeling as well! I currently in training to be a stunt woman and have a huge list of skills that qualify me to do crazy things on televison like, acro yoga, fire dancing, horse riding, all styles of skating, aerial/pole dancing, belly dancing, fighting, wire work, and tons more!

See more pictures and comments on my page: Nicole Ilaw's page

Model # W933943 Location: Los Angeles, CA

Votes: 971

11th Place - Lai Fantasy!

Ambassador Model Lai Fantasy Hi, my name is Lai and I'm 20 years old. I was born in Virginia and grew up in several different states including South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas. I'm a singer/rapper and aspiring model. After graduating high school I was forced to choose between following my dreams of becoming a musician and model and relocating or going to college. I chose to follow my dreams. Winning, for me, would mean obtaining a greater chance at becoming very successful in the industry I chose to give my all to.

See more pictures and comments on my page: Lai Fantasy's page

Model # F266496 Location: Dallas, TX

Votes: 936

12th Place - Misslibbierose!

Ambassador Model Misslibbierose Just an average girl living in the average world! I love photography and being adventurous. I have never been satisfied with just the norm and I always try and stand out in one way or another. My favorite color is light purple and I want to be a photo journalist! I love life and I think everything happens for a reason!

See more pictures and comments on my page: Misslibbierose's page

Model # W745732 Location: Bellingham, WA

Votes: 779

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