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Alicia Armour's Bio

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Born February 13, 1988 in Fort Wayne, Indiana Alicia Armour was raised in a single parent home with her mother who's been fighting Lupus since 1998. Throughout her entire schooling, she explored acting and theatre. At the age of 18, Alicia starting her modeling career, participating in her first fashion show. Since then, she has been independently exploring her modeling and acting career, taking advantage of every opportunity that's available. Alicia has participated in a plethora of fashion shows and has experience in print, commercial, and fitness modeling. She's played an extra in the film Bourne 5 featuring Matt Damon, and will be featured inside a Shimmer Magazine, during Fashion Week Las Vegas 2016. Alicia is very adventurous, loves to travel, design, swim, and have a great laugh. She has a huge passion for acting and loves being on the runway. Alicia plans to Host her own show, and be featured on one of the top fashion magazines.
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