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Brooke's Bio

Location: San Diego, CA

Hello everyone my name is Brooke I a energetic and enthusiastic promotion model. I currently work with 8 promotion modeling agencies. I have promoted many leading brands of liquor, beer, energy drinks, brands, organizations etc. Some of the brands I have promoted are Jim Beam, Skyy Vodka, Fire Ball, Jack Daniels, Hornitos, Bacardi, Sweet Revenge, Titos Vodka, Deep Eddies, Cinco Vodka, 1800, Tanteo, Don Roman Tequila, Miller High Life, Coors Light, Blue Moon, Henrys Hard Soda, Leinenkugel, REDDs Apple, Crispin, Canei Wine, Red Bull, Nerd Focus, Viva Coco Water, Gatorade, Huggies Diapers, Cricket Wireless, Upgrade San Diego, American Cancer Society, Fighting for Hunger and many more. I have done a couple photos shoots for websites and clothing boutiques. I have also been a bartender and cocktail waitress in the past. I don't consider being a promotion model a job for the fact that I love what I do and enjoy being around people, crowns, customers and other models. While growing up and in school I have always been a people person and the girl that is most likely to be remembered. During my last 2 years of high school I was a spokesperson/advocate I spoke at many high schools in the school district. I have always enjoyed and easily been able to interact and get along with anyone regardless their career, nationality or appearance. Not only do people remember me because of my appearance I am also the one that so many of my friends and family turn to for advice and moral support. I would love the opportunity to be the next Miss Ambassador Model.
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