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Kellcie's Bio

Location: Arvada, CO

Hello Beautiful People! My name is Kellcie. I'm 23 and full of life and spontaneity. I am now a first time puppy owner and he's amazing! I am intrigued by anyone or thing that can shed some new music suggestions as my music taste is very eclectic. I love going to shows and music festivals(not raves!). I run 6-8 miles a day due to the fact I simply have far to much wasted energy otherwise! I was also the track star of my school! I am a girly girl until you get me in my beloved Rocky Mountains then I'm all tomboy. I can hunt,fish, start a fire with a stick and stone, put up my own tent pretty much anything related to outdoors if I don't already know I'm eager to learn. I'm an excellent swimmer which allowed me to become an ocean certfied life guard! I work hard as a traveling nurse but my entire life all my closest relationships have done nothing but ask why I'm not a model. Because of that I started doing promtional modeling when I was 16. I love it but because I'm so new to actual modeling I'm curious if I've got what it takes. I'm not as experienced as some of the other jems and I don't have websites and have never not once created a Facebook page so you'll have to learn about me ... Well through the real me! I'm bound and determined to show my talent. Any amount of votes are apprciated on my climb to the top :p
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