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Location: Las Vegas, NV

Hi everyone! I am very excited to be nominated! Okay here is a bit about me.. I have been a model for 20 years & im very passionate about my work!! My true joy comes from being a fabulous and glamorous mom! (Wink) ! I have 4 kids...2 boys..Roman is 27...Pierce is 25...& 2 girls..Taylor is 24 and Annika is 9...I love working out and shopping...One thing that keeps me grounded is my volunteer work...I enjoy helping others and I believe in the motto that what goes around comes around, so i share my happiness and give what I can! My personality is fun and I like to make others feel good about themselves. You can find me roller skating with my daughter and nieces on a Saturday night!! Super excited about being featured on MTV's new show 'Suspect'... Dreams come true! Believe in the very best of yourself! & SHINE! Beauty attracts the eyes but...personality captures the heart💟 Thank you to all my friends & family & fans for voting for me!! Sky💋
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