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Location: Los Angeles, CA

Can you vote for me? I want this opportunity because I began modeling since I was a baby.I also model to raise money and awarness to obesity problems and earthly problems that can be fixed with money. I like mexican food. I like working out to the doors music but I can dance too. I'm not lesbian or bisexual but am not judgmental against it either. I prefer to be in shape and fit than fat because I think fat will make me slower. Agree? You can vote for me to win this contest that I can do well in person. I love fashion and I love trying out styles that I have never seen before. I have a passion for fashion since I was in middle school because I can wear anything and look amazing. I have won a beauty competiton before and wining this means to me I can compete in person again and be able to show off what I can do. I know that I look beautiful great and have a beautiful face thats why I want to compete and go beyond just a photo.
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