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Location: LALAland, CA

Hello fellow earth dwellers, It is delightful of you to have graced my page with your presence. My name is Natasha, Tash, Nat, (your future Miss Ambassador Model). Just kidding. I'll leave that up to you ;). I am a lover of all things beautiful although, I find beauty in all things. I'm a calm and relaxed spirit. I enjoy simplicity and minimalism. You can find me most often times in my raw flesh dancing in circles around my living room. I love the mornings and lifting weights. Health is a very important to me. I love baking desserts and eating them mainly. I eat dessert literally every night I cant stop. I work in the food service industry and it seriously sucks I am tired of it but Im thankful for the work I suppose. Some goals I've set this year are to enroll in Vet school and clear off my 25k of student debt. I was going for a degree in exercise science but unfortunately never finished. I hope to one day finish that as well. I've got many depths to me and I would like to interpret myself through modeling. I have been curious to explore that side of me and with your help I am hoping that will be very possible. I've always been told to give it a go. I'm hoping you will see potential in me and Vote Natasha! I am here to kill the competition so lets do it together! TEAM NAT STATS Hair: red eyes: Blue height: 5'8" weight: 120lb
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