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Joanna Alexis 's Bio

Location: Liberty City , FL

My name is Joanna Alexis I'm 20 im from New York , my height is 5"5 I weight 124 , I'm a model I have done Photoshoots such as lingine and binki shoots , also im in a magazine with Indi kids, I had done a grand opening with klothh fashion show which was located in bicayne miami fl . In addition to that I have done TV shows which where south beach towing I had to do a scene in a pick up truck which was a pool party turning up dancing behind the Chinese restaurant and getting the truck towed (see video below). It was a great opportunity working with the crew because I was not camera shy and I did what they asked for . On the other hand I have done the Latin award show dancing at the grand finally 2015 . Also I was a extra on ballers which is coming out in June and it was a great experience working on set as a extra even though I wanted a role , it's going to take time to get to where I belong to get noticed as a model . In addition to that I have done 3 music videos so far as I keep building myself
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