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5 Hair Styling Mistakes To Avoid

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Reform your bad hair-styling habits and you'll have gorgeous hair every single day of the week. Is there anything as magical as amazing hair? The right cut and color can literally make you feel like a million bucks - you're confident, you're radiant, you're happy. But get it wrong, and suddenly you feel less than magical - and let's face it, we've all made some serious hairstyle mistakes.

1. Rubbing Hair With A Towl To Dry Using a bath towel is considered the standard way to dry off the hair after washing, but if done incorrectly, it's basically the fastest route to breakage and frizz. Instead of hopping out of the shower and twisting hair to release excess moisture, then rubbing dry with a towel - both things you should not do - use your hands to gently squeeze out extra water in large sections, then do the same with a towel, blotting and squeezing the hair rather than rubbing or wringing.

2. Blowing Drying Hair With High Tempature A blow-dryer that's not nearly hot enough has its own set of issues, sure, but we're especially concerned with a dryer that's too hot. In an effort to dry your hair faster, you could be totally frying your strands without even knowing it, plus triggering frizz and split ends. You should begin blow-drying your hair on the lowest heat setting possible - nine times out of ten, you won't end up needing anything hotter than that, so don't get ahead of yourself by jumping straight to the max.

3. Applying Too Much Dry Shampoo Go too long without a wash, and "the product will mix with the oils on your scalp, and will create a paste-like substance which doesn't look or feel good," says Davines Master Session Ambassador Joseph DiMaggio. The biggest danger of overdosing on dry shampoo? Clogged pores. That's right: it's not just something you need to worry about on your face. The pasty dry shampoo/oil mix will prevent the hair follicle from breathing, and once clogged, the pores on your scalp will go into overdrive to flush out the product with more oil. Remember: dry shampoo can only absorb so much oil, so please, don't count on it to do the work of a proper shampoo - eventually you're just layering more and more product on top of your grease.

4. Not Being Gentle With Your Hair Though healthy hair can feel like it's practically indestructible - braid it, curl it, flip it around, whatever - being rough with your strands can be exactly what's causing breakage. If you're a hair twirler, surprise! That twisting and tugging motion puts stress on the roots of the hair, yanking them out from the scalp. Overall treatment factors into this, too; roughly brushing dry hair or tossing and turning on rough cotton pillowcases are similar recipes for breakage.

5. Skipping Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatments "Women aren't using a daily conditioner properly, so it's important to use a weekly deep treatment to help compensate for that and maintain healthy, shiny hair," says Overton. The surface of a hair strand is made up of overlapping hair cuticles, similar to how tiles are layered on a roof. When hair is damaged, these tiny cuticles get lifted up or broken off, which causes frizz, breakage and dullness. A deep conditioning treatment will help fill in any holes and repair roughed up patches so hair is soft, shiny and manageable.

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