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5 Common Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making

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We all make mistakes now and then. Sometimes we make the same mistakes over and over without realizing that they're mistakes in the first place. We're the first to admit when we've make beauty mistakes, which is why we've gathered some of the most common beauty mistakes to help keep you from making those same beauty blunders over and over.

1. Not Changing Your Shampoo Often Enough There's no basis to the idea that you need to switch up shampoos to prevent your hair from getting too used to them and they stop working, but it's important to address the needs of your hair depending on the season. A volumizing shampoo may give your hair the perfect body and bounce in the summer, when hair is less prone to dryness, but you may need to switch to a hydrating formula when winter weather starts to zap the moisture out.

2. Using The Wrong Skin Cleanser Does your skin have a squeaky-clean feeling after you splash away your skin cleaner? You may be overdrying your complexion by stripping away its natural moisture. Only the oiliest skin types should use foaming cleansers or washes with scrubbing beads. If your skin is dry (and most of us get drier as we age), choose a moisturizing cream cleanser. Combination skin can handle a little bit of lather, but opt for a gentle formula that won't irritate dry patches in your skin.

3. Your Bronzer Shade Is Too Warm A shade of bronzer that's too warm for your skin tone is the direct cause of the dreaded Oompa Loompa look that we see all too frequently. While skin tones that skew warm can make warm shades of bronzer work, it's always safest to opt for a neutral shade that doesn't lean red or orange. The idea is to look sunkissed and, well, bronzed, not orange. Look for true beiges and browns rather than warm and ruddy after all, nobody tans orange naturally.

4. Using The Wrong Concealer Shade On Your Undereye Circles Because under eye circles are dark, you need a different shade than you would use to cover redness. For those women with lighter skin, the circles tend to have a purple tint to them. Peach toned concealers work best. For darker skin tones whose circles are a darker purple or brown, a concealer with an orange pigment will help to camouflage. And don't go too light. The lighter you go, the harder it is to blend the concealer in with the foundation.

5. Using The Wrong Brush To Apply Bronzer Don't underestimate the importance of brushes in makeup application, especially when it comes to applying color. Our bronzer method of choice is to use a large, fluffy brush to swirl a powder formula lightly over the entire face - it's basically foolproof, which makes it a winner all-around. Avoid brushes that are too small, and unless you're using a cream bronzer with a skilled hand, always choose a soft natural brush for the most flawless finish.

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